About Maria Sundrica - Maria Sundrica Restaurant Consultant in London
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About Maria Sundrica

“Food and people have always been my greatest passions. And nothing makes me happier than helping others find their own success.”

Maria Sundrica Restaurant Consultant About Me

Maria Sundrica, Restaurant Consultant in London

As a child, I always found our table set with plates of dark green olives, deep red wine and crusty fresh bread. We were organic before we knew what that meant. Although I think of myself a businesswoman before anything else, my childhood memories of food and family have undoubtedly led me to restaurants and hospitality.

Experience & Values

I came to London as a young woman, and at the age of 21, I got my first management position at a struggling restaurant. Before very long, and with few setbacks, I had turned the restaurant into a successful business and discovered a passion for management and food. 

Friends and colleagues describe me as someone who gets things done, a creative and fearless manager who treats staff with kindness and respect. During my many years in the food industry, I have gained broad experience in service, menus, buying, managing accounts, staffing, marketing, and the full array of activities required to set up and run a successful business. Most of all, I have developed a sharp attention to detail. In the hospitality industry, you do need to sweat the small stuff.

Passion & resilience

Along the way, I have faced great challenges. The kind that change you as a person. But these experiences have taught me everything I know. And I have never, ever given up. 

Today, I am the director of my own successful, long-standing Italian restaurant in London, as well as mother to three children. These two roles constantly feed my passion for beautiful food, and memorable experiences.

Mission statement

Now, I would like to share what I have learned and help others to achieve their goals, to find the success they dream of in one of the most vibrant industries in the world.

I was recently asked the question “Why?”: “Why did you become a restaurant consultant?”. For me, it’s simple. Because I want to help people. 

I have always tried to live by the motto: If you can help someone, help them.

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Successful Partnerships

I have collaborated with some of the best restaurants, caterers, delicatessen and chefs.

Do you dream of having your own successful restaurant? Are you passionate about creating beautiful food, but need a little help with the business end?

Running a successful restaurant is a one of life’s most challenging and rewarding experiences. But no one can do it alone. 


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