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Passion for people and food.

Restaurant Consultant in London

Decades of experience. Gut instinct. Fearless determination. Sharp attention to detail.

These are the keys to my personal success in restaurants, hospitality and business.

And I believe they can be yours too.

Maria Sundrica Restaurant Consultant How to get more customers EBook

Running a food business can be the most challenging, yet rewarding, experience of your life.

But nobody can do it alone. 

The best restaurant managers, chefs and waiting staff in the world have one thing in common: impeccable attention to detail. Attention to detail in food, in atmosphere, in service, and in value.

I have compiled all my years of experience in the industry into the Maria Sundrica Guidebook, Restaurant Consultant in London.

    Restaurant Consultant Services

    Whether you are opening a new restaurant, struggling with an existing business, or ambitiously preparing to expand into new premises, I have the knowledge and experience to guide you along the way.

    Take a look at my service packages.

    Restaurant Consultation in London

    Open for Business

    You have decided to set up your own restaurant. Congratulations. Be proud of your daring and ambition. My Open For Business Package includes:

    Business plans | Budgets | Concept | Customer service skills | Designing your space | Manuals and training courses | Marketing. Market research | Menus and operational set up

    restaurant success in London

    Under Construction

    Your business has been up and running for some time, but you are not where you want to be. The first step is reaching out for help. And if you are here, you are already doing that. Let me help you with:

    Attention to detail | Customer service skills | Manuals and training courses | Marketing | Market research | Menus | Operational reviews | Profit maximisation | Re-branding | Staff management and training

    Best Restaurant Consultant in London

    The Future is Bright

    It’s time for your business to grow. You have a lot of experience under your belt and you are ready to open another premises, a catering division, or a gourmet food shop. Together, we’ll focus on:

    Business plans | Budgets | Communication strategies | Concept continuity | Customer service skills | Marketing | New hires | Operational set up and reviews | Securing existing businesses | Staff training

    Looking for something a bit more tailor-made? No problem. Get in touch and together, we’ll design a plan of action based exclusively on your business and goals. Your restaurant consultant in London.

    How the consultation works

    The best way to help someone is to spend lots of time with them, really get to know them and their business, and maintain open and honest communication, at all times.


    Getting to know you


    Business analysis


    Talking it all through


    Building deeper relationships

    Latest posts from my blog

    This is where I share what I know, how I feel about the restaurant industry, and how I think we can overcome its trials and tribulations. Read my latest blog posts and get inspired to make changes, big or small, in the day to day of your food business.

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    Do you dream of having your own successful restaurant? Are you passionate about creating beautiful food, but need a little help with the business end?

    Running a successful restaurant is a one of life’s most challenging and rewarding experiences. But no one can do it alone. 


    Sign up for the free Maria Sundrica Ebook and you will:

    > improve your attention to detail
    > get more customers through the door
    > learn industry tips and tricks to save time and money

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